October 19, 2023 2 min read

While Halloween parties are fun, some nights you want to stay home and have a fun night in. Curling up in front of a fire or a TV for a cozy night is another great way to spend your time. Invite your cat to join you and have a great time.


Set The Spooky Mood With Lights

Mood lights are a great way to make an average night spooky. Dimming the lights will be sure to bring on a spooky mood. Turn off your main lights and light some candles, get out the flashlights, or hang some Halloween colored string lights. Glowing orange, green, or purple lights will bring out the Halloween spirit. Especially if accompanied by a spooky movie.


Get Cozy

When having a night in with your cat, you’ll want to get comfortable. Cuddle up with your cat in a cozy nest of blankets. You can even build a blanket fort to camp out in! Use pillows and blankets to build a comfy hideaway. Bring in your cat’s favorite bed, blanket, or toys inside so they can feel comfortable too. Get comfortable in your blankets with a spooky book, watch a cat movie or listen to some Halloween music and get ready for some snuggles with your cat.


Watch A Halloween Movie

Put on a Halloween movie you and your cat can enjoy. You can watch spooky movies with cats as you cuddle up with your furry friend. Movies like Hocus Pocus (1993), Coraline, and more are all perfect movies for Halloween and feature a cat! Settle down, make yourself a snack and get your cat a treat. Put a movie on and enjoy quality snuggle time with your cat.


Play Spooky Music

Play some spooky music. Find a Halloween playlist or make your own and put on some music to listen to while you decorate. Carve pumpkins, make Halloween crafts, decorate your house, all while jamming out to some spooky fun songs! Dance around with your cat if they’re a dancer, or let your cat chill with you as you enjoy your night in.


Have A Spooky Craft Night

Set up a craft area to decorate some pumpkins. Use your cat as inspiration for your design. Pumpkins come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Find one that matches your cat’s personality and look to use for your craft night. You can carve a picture of your cat in your pumpkin. It’s okay if it’s not a perfect match, your cat won’t mind. If carving’s not your thing you could paint a picture of your cat on your pumpkin. You could even carve and paint!

Whatever you decide to do on your spooky night in, it’s sure to be even better if you spend the night with your cat.

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