March 23, 2020 3 min read

We know that social distancing is ruff, especially if you have a new puppy at home that needs extra attention and socialization. Fortunately for all of us, dogs can't catch the virus so you don't have to distance yourself from your favorite pup. With that being said, finding good ways to celebrate National Puppy Day is considerably limited in comparison to previous years. Considering the various restrictions and recommendations put in place, there are still plenty of ways to safely celebrate National Puppy Day at home. 


1. Bake Your Pup a Tasty Treat

There are countless easy-to-bake treats that use ingredients that you probably already have at home, and your puppy is sure to enjoy! Check out these recipes straight from the Jolly Pets Kitchen:                                                                 

2. Get Them a Fun New Toy

Here at Jolly Pets, enriching your pet's life is our top priority! We have a wide variety of toys to fit all sizes and play styles. Check out our toy finder to find the perfect fit for your furry family members!

3. Go for a Walk

Just because you're practicing social distancing, doesn't mean you have to stay locked up inside! It is allowed and even recommended to go outside and get some exercise. Taking your puppy on a walk around the neighborhood or a hike on a wilderness trail are great ways to get some exercise, fresh air, and extra stimulation for you and your dog.

4. Work on Your Training  

All that extra time at home is a great opportunity to work with your puppy on different obedience and trick training exercises. This is a great way to keep your puppy's mind engaged, while also strengthening your bond. Here are a number of training exercises that you can start working on today:

5. Donate to Your Local Animal Shelter 

Rescue pups need your help now more than ever! Donations to your local shelter or even adopting a rescue puppy or adult dog in need could make a world of difference for the lives and future of shelters and their residents at this difficult time. To find adoptable dogs at a shelter near you, check out the ASPCA shelter dog locator.


We know this time can be a bummer, but if anything good can come out of being stuck at home from work or other activities, it's being able to spend more time with our dogs! Don't forget to use that time wisely by bonding with them and giving them all the extra love and attention that they so rightfully deserve. Remember that staying home might be like a prison for us, but it is a paradise for them!