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Getting a dog is the easy part, but when it comes to training, that is when things can start to get messy. Many people get anxiety over the thought of training their dogs. It is a big responsibility and can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you have a challenging and anxious dog.

It is all about how you understand the dog and guide them into obedience. That is what training is all about; building a connection with the animal. Often, the dog tends to throw tantrums and doesn't want to behave, and that really affects the training process in general.

Worry no more, for we have the solution. These tips will make the training process much easier. If you practice these unique training methods, you will surely see a difference in the relationship between you and your dog.

Set Your Dog Free for a While Every Day

Dogs are very active and enthusiastic creatures. They usually tend to bottle up a lot of energy inside of them. Which, if they don't burn off that energy, they will act very anxious around the house and might not listen to any of your commands.

Bottled up energy can make it very difficult for the owner to train their dog. So, it is very important that you set them out free in an area for a while to run around and play. After all, nobody likes to stay in a confined space all day long. Let the pup run along and burn off some of that bottled up energy. It will both make the dog happier and easier for you to train.

You can also practice recall or play a game of fetch, which will build interactions as well as help your dog work out. However, simply letting them run along for at least a good 20 minutes each day can make all the difference.

Act Like a Commander or Leader

Dogs are animals who like to feel safe under the protection of their leader. They generally like to live in packs where there is always someone to lead them. With that being said, challenging each other is a built-in nature for dogs. They need to either establish leadership or hand it over to someone that they see is worthy.

When your dog challenges you and acts up, you need to step up and act confident. Do not by any chance allow them to continue their challenging behavior as you need to establish your foothold as their leader.

Buy a Collar Leash Not a Harness

New harness-style leashes for dogs are not ideal for training purposes. The problem with these is that the harness sits on the chest of the dog, which is the strongest part of their body, making it easy for them to have leverage over you.

Furthermore, these leashes are less effective in sending signals and controlling the dog. So, try to buy a usual collar leash. Simple leashes are great to control and train a dog. You can effectively train your dog leash language with a normal leash, rather than a fancy one.


Give these simple tips a try and practice often with your dog. You will surely see a change in the dog’s behavior and they will be much calmer and more manageable. As a result, you can train your dog with more ease.

Jeremy grew up in a house full of dogs, a cat, and even rabbits. He recently decided to share his advice and opinions on his very own pet blog

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