November 07, 2023 2 min read

If you’re thinking about adopting a new furry friend to bring into your home, you should consider adopting a senior cat. Most people will head straight for the kittens, and we get it, kittens are small and adorable. But senior cats can be a great addition to your home too! We’ve gathered some reasons why you should consider a senior cat as your next cat.


Senior Cats Have an Established Personality

Older cats have already matured into their personality. When you adopt a kitten, you never know what kind of personality they will have when they grow up. With senior cats, they already have all their quirks established. You can find out if they’re loud or quiet, or if they need space or if they love to cuddle. You can also find out important information about their medical history so you know what they might need. This makes it easier to talk to the shelter and figure out which cat will best suit your home.


Senior Cats are Mature and Trained

Senior cats are already trained and less likely to cause a mess. They are less likely to scratch your furniture or you. Unlike kittens that like to jump on, scratch, and run around to burn off all their energy, senior cats are more relaxed. If you already have another pet or kids in your home, you can find an older cat that will get along with others. The shelter should be able to help you find a cat they know gets along with other animals or children.


Senior Cats Have Lower Energy Levels

As cats get older, they tend to slow down. Senior cats are perfect for any home that wants a calmer companion, instead of a kitten doing zoomies at 3 in the morning. Senior cats tend to sleep more and may enjoy snuggling with you more while they snooze. However, don’t think low energy means no energy. Many older cats still like to play with toys!


Senior Cats Have Lower Adoption Costs

Many shelters offer lower adoption costs or waived fees when adopting senior cats. Older cats are less likely to be adopted so many shelters have discounts or other programs to help them find homes. You can ask your local shelter if they have any special discounts on adopting senior cats.


Senior Cats Need Forever Homes Too

Senior cats need forever homes too. Older cats are less likely to be adopted. You can help rescue them! Some people are dissuaded from adopting older pets because they know they will have less time with them, but that doesn’t mean the time you spend together will be less meaningful. You can make a cat happy and loved for their remaining years. You cat will still love you and bond with you no matter their age.

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