November 10, 2023 3 min read

The holidays are fast approaching and that means you need to prepare for you and your dog. Setting up and celebrating the holidays are different when you have a four-legged friend running around. You must be cautious about setting up your decorations, making sure your pet can’t get into your food, and planning parties and trips with your pets in mind. To help you be mindful when planning your holidays with your dog, we’ve got some safety tips!


Skip the Snacks

Holidays are full of food! Some people love the holiday season just for the food. Your dog might be very interested in the food as well, but that doesn’t mean they get to participate in eating it. Many of the holiday foods we enjoy are not safe for dogs. Avoid letting your dog eat foods like chocolates, baked goods, seasoned turkey meat and turkey skin, or bones. Be sure to look up any health problems your dog might develop from eating a piece of your holiday dinner.


Secure the Décor

Christmas trees can be a hazard when you have furry friends running around. Be sure you secure your tree, so it does not fall over if your dog bumps into it. Do not let your dog chew on the tree as the needles can become dangerous if ingested. If you have a real tree, make sure your dog does not drink the water as it can be contaminated with chemicals that can harm your pet. Make sure any glass or plastic ornaments and decorations are out of reach of your dog. They may see them as toys instead of fragile décor.


No Toxic Plants

Classic holiday plants like mistletoe and holly are toxic to dogs. Research any holiday plant you might want to bring in to know if it will be harmful to your pets. If you want to bring these plants into your home, consider fake versions of the plants. This way you can get the look you want without any danger.


Careful with Candles

Candles are a great way to fill your home with warmth, light, and festive scents. However, they can also be dangerous if your dog gets too close to them. Your dog can knock them over or get burned if they try to investigate it. Keep candles out of reach of your dog and be sure to extinguish them when you leave the room. If you light a Menorah or Kinara to celebrate, be sure it is secure and out of your dog’s reach.


Plan for Guests and Travel

Parties with family and friends are common during the holidays. If you are hosting a party, make sure your pet has a room to themselves to hide away from all the commotion. Make sure your guests are aware you have a dog in advance. When traveling over the holidays, carefully consider whether to take your dog with you. Some dogs do not like traveling. If you do not want to take your dog with you, be sure to get a good babysitter or find a great boarding place.

Be mindful of what may cause your dog harm and what they can get into. So long as you take a few extra safety measures, you will be able to enjoy your holiday season with your dog!

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