September 06, 2017 3 min read

If you've spent time finding the purr-fect pet cat for your home and family, you may want to take a moment to pick the name that matches your cat's personality. If you’re looking for some feline-naming inspiration, simply select one of the following categories we've set up below. Then, come up with choices within that category that best fit your new feline friend.

  1. Go retro. Cat and dog names from the 1950s and 1960s, at least in the U.S., were frequently based on the animal's physical features. Fluffy, Smoky, Blue, Red, Peanut, Midnight, and Scruffy were typical descriptive pet names. You may even recognize some of them from old children's books or TV shows from that era.
  2. Crown your little prince or princess. If your feline has that charming air of hoity-toity refinement and prestige that only cats and celebrities pull off, highlight that quality with the appropriate titles: Duke / Duchess; Prince / Princess; Count / Countess; the Baron, Lady, or Sir (your favorite food), etc. You can have fun with this category by picking famous royal names to go with the titles as they suit your cat, such as Prince Charles, Countess Belle, or Lady Kale.
  3. Saints and philosophers. If your cat gives off a deeply spiritual, intellectual, or religious vibe, select the name of a saint or philosopher that captures the soul of your lofty-minded or other-worldly feline: Aloysius, Atticus, Plato, and Socrates are excellent examples.
  4. Names for positive universal values. Peace, Love, Joy, Justice, Mercy, and Freedom are great examples to start with. You can translate them into different languages and see how they fit your cat. For example, Pax, the Latin word for Peace, may suit your fuzzy little one better than the English word. Likewise, Justicia (Spanish for Justice) may be a good fit for your female feline, while “Justice” might be a suitable match for your male.
  5. Unique human names. Pick any human-size name to match that small mammal with a big personality. The more old-fashioned or odd-sounding the name, the better. Suggestions for interesting female human names include:
    • Names that are less common, like Daphne or Phyllis
    • Trendy names such as Tiffany, Ashley, or Brittany
    • “Belle” names like Anabel, Clarabel, Jezebel, or Isabel(la)
    • Lorelei, Samantha, or other traditional names from past centuries
    • Cutey-sounding names like Annie, Susie, Katie, Lucy, or Dolly

Likewise, you may want to try some of these human names for your male cat:

    • George
    • Humphrey
    • Common mono-syllabic mid-20th-century names such as Bob, John, Bill, or Frank
    • Not-so common names like Albert, Ralph, or Victor
    • International names such as Orlando, Hector, Hans, or Boris (just for starters)
  1. Get Disney with it. Figaro, Shere Khan, Mufasa, Bagheera, Bala, and Simba are just a few examples of cat names from Disney movies. Pick a Disney cat character that emulates the personality of your cat, from ferocious and fearless, to sneaky and stealthy.
  2. Names for tricksters and know-it-alls: If your cat is just a mischievous bundle of joy that's two steps ahead of you (and the family dog), capture that lovable feature in the name. Some examples are Savoir-faire (a French word that describes finesse or sophistication), Rascal, Squirt, Sport, the female name Trixie, or any name that conveys an air of mischief and vitality.
  3. Celebrity treatment.Mononymous, or, one-named celebrities and other well-known people offer the best inspiration. For example, Bono, Cher, Madonna, Prince, Elvis, Beyonce, Seal, Liberace, Oprah, Picasso, Cleopatra, or Shaq. The list is truly endless and inspiration is a magazine cover away.

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