July 13, 2018 2 min read

Cat owners are awesome! They love to make sure their feline friend is having the best quality of life. Whether that’s making them dinner or homemade treats, snuggling up and watching a movie, or taking them on vacation, pet owners take great pains to make sure their furry (and scaly) friends are loving every minute. If you aren’t already, take a few minutes to play some cat games too. You all know the song from the show Friends, “Smelly Cat,” right? How about, smarty cat, smarty cat, what are you playing with?

Why Are Games For Cats Important?

Cats are a lot like people; as they age their cognitive function declines. Cats are also prone to being bored, which can lead to overeating and behavior issues. Cats have an innate drive to hunt for prey, pounce on things, and stealthily stalk anything that piques their curiosity. They also are subject to ‘use it or lose it’ when it comes to cognitive function. Feline Cognitive Dysfunction (FCD) is a very sad situation. FCD symptoms mimic other troubling behaviors like behavioral problems, disorientation, crying, pacing, getting lost in places they normally wouldn’t, being scared, and experiencing insomnia. They’ll also experience confusion and, perhaps, distance themselves from someone they used to be very affectionate with. There’s no cure for FCD, but regular cognitive and physical exercise goes a long way toward preventing the decline in your kitty’s intellect.

Your cat wants to be challenged and to be played with on a physical and mental level. Combine activities that stimulate their paws, claws, eyes, ears, cute cat nose, and, of course, their brain. You can schedule a few minutes with them several times a day to make it convenient and exciting.

Games For Your Cat

There are lots of free games for cats out there, and here are a few of our favorites:

Pyramid Playtime

  1. Glue toilet paper rolls together to create a shape such as a wall or a pyramid.
  2. Use tissue paper to fill some tubes, fill some with treats or toy mice, and leave the rest empty.

Musical Furniture

If you have a cat that sees well and is well-acquainted with your home, (although let’s be real, they let us live there) you can move around some furniture. Take their cat recreation toy and move it to a different corner or room. Hide some toys in there as well and make something old, new again.

Splish Splash

Not all cats totally hate water. Cats are curious about water and you can get them to “play” with it. Fill a sink or clear bowl with some marbles and ping pong balls. Floating and sinking objects offer a very fun way to play in the water without getting soaked.

We love our cats and we know you do too! We all want the best for our very best feline friends. Contact us today to ask about our products or anything else that sparks your curiosity!