July 13, 2018 2 min read

Heroism comes in all shapes and sizes. From dolphins helping whales to therapy dogs helping trauma victims. A surprising hero that pops up time and time again, despite being a cautious critter, is the domestic cat. We won’t spin any tall tails (pun intended) here! Check out these fabulous and amazing rescue cats that became sensational animal heroes.


Scarlett’s story is such an amazing one that she had an award named after her. Scarlett was a feral cat living in a run-down building in Brooklyn with her five brand new baby kittens when a fire broke out. Scarlett’s amazing instincts drove her to rescue each kitten one at a time. She suffered severe burns to her face that left her blind. After collapsing from her rescue efforts she and the kittens were taken to the North Shore Animal League where 7,000 applications to adopt the feline family flooded in. She lived another decade with her owner, and her story lives on in books for adults and children. Additionally, the League created “The Scarlett Award” which is presented to other heroic animals, whether they are heroes to humans or animals.

Mr. Boo

Carbon monoxide leaks are incredibly dangerous. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that can be fatal, particularly when those in danger are sleeping or intoxicated. The symptoms are flu-like and often overlooked or ignored, especially with our busy hectic crazy lives. Mr. Boo was a rescue cat adopted by the Kecskes family. He was a stoic guy who barely made a peep, maybe a squeak, in his everyday life. One day he woke the family up to incessant meowing and pacing. He even lost consciousness several times during the ordeal. Eventually, the family took his cues and left the home, just in the knick of time and all escaped the potential CO poisoning unscathed. “It’s like he’s been waiting his whole life to do this one heroic thing.”


Herbie was a foster kitty that had been labeled as a friendly cat that nobody wanted. Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue had placed him in a foster home with Janine. She said Herbie was a friendly cat that seemed to just go with the flow. One day he broke his usual cool cat routine and was very persistent. He was meowing loudly and finally led Janine to her two-year-old daughter’s room. He jumped into young Isabella’s crib and to Janine’s horror, her daughter was nearly suffocating on a blanket. Herbie’s heroism had found him a forever home.

Cats are amazing animals, and just like all pets, they want to be loved and to love. Rescued cats are often mislabeled as unloved or unlovable, which is truly not the case.

It is for reasons like this and more that we at Kitty Kasa support The ARNI Foundation. The ARNI foundation is a 501(C)3, non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of animals at local kill shelters, and the rescue of abuse and cruelty cases. ARNI also provides low-cost shot clinics and low-cost flea & tick medications to the public.

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