September 18, 2020 3 min read

Jolly Pets has always been an advocate for shelter dogs of all kinds! We believe that each and every shelter pup is special in their own way and deserves to be in a loving home that is perfect for them. That also goes for those dogs that are seen as being "less adoptable."

We know that all dogs are equally lovable, but sadly, there are tons of shelter pups out there who are passed up due to age, special needs, breed, or because they are part of a bonded pair. That is why Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week is so important! This is a special week to bring awareness to "less adoptable" pets and change the stigma that one pet is a more worthy companion than the other.


What Makes A Dog Less Adoptable? 

Trick question! No dog is less adoptable! With that being said, while the typical pet spends around 12 weeks in a shelter before being adopted, pets that are considered "less adoptable" are known to spend an average of four times as long in the shelter before finding their forever home.

Senior dogs, bonded pairs, dogs with physical disabilities, "aggressive breeds" (German Shepards, Pit Bulls, Dobermans, etc.), and dogs with certain diseases (Heartworm Positive, Diabetes, etc.) are much more likely to be passed up by someone who is looking for their next furry family member. 

Why Less Adoptable Dogs Are Just As Great (If Not, Better!)

For all of those who think that dogs like this aren't fit for adoption, joke's on them! dogs who are seen as being "less adoptable" are just as fantastic as their more "desirable" counterparts and even more so in many cases. Here are just a few of the reasons why!

  • Senior dogs are often much more well-adjusted and mellow.
  • Many dogs with physical disabilities (missing limb, eye, etc.) are generally unaffected by their condition.
  • Most dogs with certain diseases (Heartworm Positive, Diabetes, etc.) can live perfectly normal lives with only little to no extra care needed.
  • We shouldn't even have to tell you why bonded pairs are great. Double the dog, double the fun (nuff said)! 
  • When it comes to "aggressive breeds," set the preconceived notions aside because breeds that are deemed aggressive are just as sweet and lovable as any other breed (of not, more). Don't even get us started on our love for Pit Bulls!

How You Can Help 

There are a number of ways that you can help out the "less adoptable" dogs in your area. 

  • Promote - Take a look on your local shelter's website to check for pups who fit the "less adoptable" criteria. Generally, shelters will disclose how long a dog has been with the shelter, which will give you a good indication as to if they have been passed up due to their disability or other circumstances that make them "less adoptable." You can promote these pups on your social media to show how adorable, lovable, and ADOPTABLE they are! 
  • Adopt - Without a doubt, the very best way to help out "less adoptable" dogs is by adopting one! If you are ready to add a new furry family member to your life, then consider one of these extra special pups and give them a whole new lease on life.
  • Share - Do you have a "less adoptable" dog or have you spent time with one while volunteering at you local shelter? Then share your experience with your friends or on social media. There's no better way to change the stigma surrounding these extra special pups than by showing everyone that they are really no different than any other dog and are just as deserving of a loving home.


For other great ideas on how you can help out "less adoptable" dogs and other pets, check out PetFinder! 


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