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As an influencer and dedicated dog enthusiast, my mission has always been to leverage my platform for the betterment of dogs' lives, especially those in need. Dogs hold a special place in my heart, and I've made it my mission to contribute to their well-being in every way possible. Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Jolly Pets, a brand known for its commitment to crafting durable and delightful dog toys. Together, we embarked on a heartwarming journey to bring happiness to the dogs at the Denver Animal Shelter.

Natalie with her great dane Gigi

Jolly Pets: A Legacy of Quality and Fun

Jolly Pets has earned its reputation as a go-to brand for high-quality and long-lasting dog toys. Their dedication to creating products that enrich pets' lives aligns perfectly with my values. Founded in 1994 as a subsidiary of Horsemen's Pride, Inc., Jolly Pets initially introduced the iconic Jolly Ball for horses. Their success in the equine world paved the way for their expansion into the realm of canine companions. With a focus on durability and creativity, Jolly Pets has become a beloved brand among dog lovers.

Shelter dog with a blue Bounce-N-Play Jolly Pets toy


Denver Animal Shelter: A Sanctuary for Lost and Abandoned Pets

The Denver Animal Shelter serves as a ray of hope for thousands of lost and abandoned pets annually. Their mission resonates deeply with mine – to safeguard, nurture, and champion animals in distress. By providing compassionate care, reuniting lost pets with their families, facilitating adoptions, and enforcing animal ordinances, they play an indispensable role in creating a brighter future for Denver's animals and residents.


Volunteering at Denver Animal Shelter: A Profound Experience

My journey as a volunteer at the Denver Animal Shelter has been profoundly rewarding, immersing me in a world characterized by compassion, resilience, and hope. Each day spent working alongside the dedicated shelter staff and interacting with the incredible dogs has fortified my belief in the potency of small acts of kindness.

A Pit Bull dog at the Denver Animal Shelter


The Collaborative Initiative: Jolly Pets and Canine Well-being

The synergy between my passion for dogs and Jolly Pets' dedication to their well-being paved the way for a heartwarming initiative. Over a few weeks, Jolly Pets generously donated over 50 of their signature durable balls to the Denver Animal Shelter. These balls, meticulously designed to endure rigorous play, were the perfect match for the shelter's energetic and playful dogs.

A Boxer sniffing at a Romp-N-Roll Jolly Pets toy


The Impactful Jolly Pets Toys

Jolly Pets boasts a variety of toys renowned for their indestructibility and appeal to avid chewers. Among these, two stand out:

The Tug-n-Toss: This versatile toy promises endless excitement with its capacity for soaring throws, buoyant fun in water, and easy retrieval with its convenient handle. Plus, it's delightfully scented!

Tug-N-Toss toy


The Romp n Roll: A true all-rounder, this MVP of dog toys is ideal for kicking, tugging, and floating in water, making it an absolute favorite among pups.

Romp-N-Roll toy


Delivering Joy: Witnessing the Dogs' Happiness

Personally delivering these toys to the shelter was a privilege, allowing me to witness firsthand the sheer excitement and happiness they brought to the dogs. The wagging tails, eager eyes, and playful barks were a testament to the impact of a simple toy – a tool that not only provides entertainment but also a sense of comfort and stimulation.

A German Shepherd at the Denver animal Shelter happily playing with a blue Bounce-N-Play Jolly Pets toy


Transformations and Trust: The Power of Play

The transformation of some shy and reserved dogs was remarkable. With the Jolly Pets balls in sight, their demeanor shifted from cautious to excited. The toys became a bridge that connected them to a world of fun and interaction. Dogs that had once huddled in the corners of their kennels now engaged in lively games of fetch, encouraging trust and healing.

A young dog at the Denver Animal Shelter sitting with a Tug-N-Toss Jolly Pets toy


From Abandoned to Forever Home: A Journey of Hope

Witnessing the dogs' transformations – from cautious and uncertain to carefree and spirited – reminded me why I'm so passionate about making a difference. The Jolly Pets balls are not just toys; they're instruments of hope, connection, and pure happiness. Every playtime serves as a reminder that while the shelter may be a temporary stop on their journey, the memories created and the bonds formed are everlasting.


Conclusion: The Power of Small Gestures

This heartwarming journey with Jolly Pets underscored the impact of small gestures in the lives of animals. Collaboration and positive change, no matter how small, can make a profound difference. As I left the shelter that day, the memory of wagging tails and joyful barks stayed with me, a poignant reminder that simple gestures can have a profound impact on the lives of our four-legged friends.


About the Author

Natalie is a passionate animal advocate and influencer dedicated to promoting animal welfare, with a particular focus on dogs. Her journey in advocacy was inspired by her four cherished dogs, and she utilizes her online platform to raise awareness and share her advocacy message. Natalie is author of the website, Hello Danes, where she advocates for better lives for Great Danes and all dogs.