September 11, 2023 2 min read

In honor of National Service Dog Month, Jolly Pets is celebrating the PROS with national nonprofit Canine Companions®, the largest provider of service dogs. Nearly 50 years ago, Canine Companions created the concept of using a trained dog to assist a person with a physical disability. 64 million Americans have a disability but there are only 15,000 service dogs working across the country. We’re proud to partner with Canine Companions who trains and provides these amazing service dogs for people with disabilities, entirely free of charge to clients. They’ve provided us with the information you need to educate yourself and others about the important work of service dogs for people with disabilities.

"At Jolly Pets, we are dedicated to supporting organizations that align with our core values to build the bond between people and their pets through the power of play. Canine Companions is an incredible organization that raises service dogs to assist people with disabilities in their daily lives, and we are so excited to help provide toys to help the dogs in their care learn and grow through enriching experiences."

What makes a service dog different from a pet dog? A service dog is specially trained to perform tasks to help a person with a disability to live with greater independence. Canine Companions provides service dogs and ongoing follow-up, free of charge to clients.

Because the work of service dogs is so important to a handler’s independence, service dogs are allowed to go anywhere their human partners are permitted. There are other types of dogs that don’t have access to public places, though, like emotional support animals. Learn the difference between these types of dogs in your community here.

Study up, then test your service dog knowledge by taking this fun quiz!

Jolly Pets knows how important it is that service dog teams can get around public places safely and confidently. This National Service Dog Month, Jolly Pets is asking you to pledge to protect safety, access and inclusion for service dogs and their handlers.

Become an educated service dog expert by visiting

For more information about how you can participate with Jolly Pets, go to to buy one, give one to the dogs and puppies of Canine Companions and receive 20% off your order or follow @jollypetsand @canineorg along on social media from September 11 - September 15, 2023.

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