May 24, 2019 3 min read

While it is true that dogs bark as a means of communication, excessive or unnecessary barking can be annoying to owners, as well as their neighbors. We are often asked how to get a dog to stop barking, and we have found there are a number of methods that can help train your dog to minimize the unwanted noise.

First and most importantly, when your dog barks, before getting angry, consider the fact that they may be trying to tell you something. There are several instances where your dog may be in some discomfort, perhaps from an implanted microchip or a collar that is too tight. Note that microchips are very intrusive and it is recommended that you use a dog tracking chip GPS instead.

That said, when your dog begins to bark uncontrollably, it is important to try and figure out the cause of the agitation and find ways to calm your dog as opposed to shocking them into submission.

Why Dogs Bark

The reasons vary from one breed to another, but there are certain universal situations that cause dogs to bark.

  • Sometimes your dog just wants attention. Dogs require a lot of attention, and they notice when their guardians are in a sulky mood. Your dog may just be trying to cheer you up or get you to play.

  • In some cases, your dog may bark because they sense an intruder in or around the compound. In this case, their barking is a means to mark their territory.

  • Dogs also have an acute sense of sight and hearing, allowing them to respond to sights and sounds that are beyond our hearing range.

  • They may also bark because they hear other dogs barking, or they could just be agitated for some reason that may not be immediately clear.
  •  Finally, the dog may just be bored. 

The verdict here is, knowing why your dog is barking in the first place is the first important step towards figuring out how to end it. Here are a few tips that may help.


Dogs are the most trainable species on the planet. Therefore, it is very simple to get your dog to stop barking by developing a sound or a gesture that shows your dog that barking uncontrollably is a problem for you. You may develop a look as well, but dogs typically respond better to verbal commands and gestures.

Keep Your Dog Active

Dogs are very active, and most times they bark simply because they are bored. It is advisable to keep your dog busy, take your dog out for a run/walk in the park, get them a chew toy to play with, or any other activity you can come up with.

The idea is to tire them out, so they are too exhausted to bark out their frustration.

Remove Offensive Object

If you realize your dog is barking at animals in the compound, then do your best to get rid of these pests. Dogs typically get agitated by little creatures that come to invade their territory, so instead of making a spectacle out of it, just scare the critters away. It’s pretty simple.

Contact a Specialist

There are always instances where you can’t seem to identify why your dog keeps barking uncontrollably. At this point, if all else fails, then you can always seek professional help. Sometimes your dog may become a bit of a nuisance, and it may require intervention from a specialist who may take them for a few weeks of intensive training. This is, however, the last resort, only to be used when all other solutions haven’t worked.


Dogs rarely bark without a valid reason, so it is important to spend some time with your dog, learn their dislikes and what they enjoy doing. Giving your dog attention will ensure you maintain a healthy relationship, and it will go a long way in preventing all that unnecessary barking.