June 21, 2024 3 min read

Many dog lovers agree that having a dog around improves your life. We love coming home to our dogs every day and being greeted by furry faces happy to see us. Sadly, we cannot take our dogs everywhere with us. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could take our dogs to more places... like work? Some companies, like Jolly Pets, are starting to allow their employees to bring their dogs into the office. But does allowing a dog into the office make a difference in worker’s morale or even their health? Turns out the answer is yes! Having a dog in the office has many benefits. We are here to tell you all about them, along with what to consider before implementing this policy at your workplace. 

Mental and Physical Health Benefits 

Having a dog around can help improve your health, mentally and physically. Many studies have shown that owning a pet in general can help increase a person’s health. This holds true for bringing a dog into the office and can even help people who can't own their own pets. Dogs can help reduce stress levels in people. Allowing employees to bring their dogs to work not only alleviates this stress but also reduces the guilt they might feel about leaving their pets at home. 

When you care for a dog, you must take breaks to walk them and take them outside to use the bathroom. Incorporating these breaks into your day not only ensures your dog’s well-being but also encourages you to stay active. Walking breaks can help improve your physical health by keeping you moving throughout the day.

Productivity and Teamwork Benefits 

Taking breaks during the workday can help increase productivity and creativity. Many people find that a brief walk helps them generate new ideas. Dogs provide the perfect excuse for these breaks. Additionally, having dogs in the office can serve as an icebreakerencouraging coworkers to start conversations they might not have initiated otherwise.

Improved Workplace Image 

Companies that allow workers to bring their dogs into the office are often seen as having a positive and supportive work atmosphere. These policies can foster greater employee loyalty and promote a more relaxed environment. Having dogs in the office encourages workers to take breaks and enjoy time with the office pets.

Things to Consider 

Before allowing dogs into an office, it is important to consider what that will mean for everyone in the workplace. Check to see if anyone in the office has an allergy to dogs. It’s also important to take into consideration everyone’s feeling about dogs. Some people do not like dogs or have a fear of them. If you still want to have dogs in the office, consider having designated dog free areas. 

Make sure any dogs coming in are well trained. A trial period to see if the dogs can behave in the office is a good idea for anyone wanting to bring their dog in. Include a policy that if the dog begins to misbehave, they will no longer be allowed to come in. This will help to prevent issues caused by dogs misbehaving. 

Be sure to have cleaning supplies on hand in case dogs have any accidents. Even well-behaved dogs can have accidents, especially when introduced to an unfamiliar environment.

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