October 31, 2022 2 min read

Are you considering adopting a new furry friend this month, but aren’t sure where to start? While adopting a young dog or puppy might be tempting, there are plenty of senior dogs out there who have just as much love to give and are often overlooked at shelters.

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month and we are sharing just 5 of the many great reasons why prospective dog owners should consider adding a senior dog to their family.


1. Old Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks

Senior dogs are just as trainable as their younger counterparts —and if they have lived in a home before, chances are they already know basic manners like being house trained and knowing what is and is not a chew toy. But even if they don't, no worries! You can easily teach them with the help of some patience, treats and praise (just like you would with any other dog).


2. No Babysitting

Many older dogs in shelters or rescues have lived in a home before or may currently be in a foster home. Because of this, many of them do not require you to be the helicopter parent that a puppy would. They have lower energy levels, potential prior training and their teething years are over, so they are the perfect companion for someone looking for a more mature dog!


3. Love The Easy Life

Couch cuddles, anyone? Many senior dogs are ready to slow it down and enjoy their golden years. While play, enrichment and exercise are still just as important for them, they are not as hip to go for a hike or 5-mile jog as younger dogs are. So, if snuggles and short walks are more your speed, a senior dog will likely fit the bill.


4. All Grown Up

With a senior dog, there are no surprises because they are fully grown. That means, what you see is what you get when it comes to size, personality and any grooming requirements. When you adopt a senior dog, you can be confident they know who they are and what size harness, beds, and toys to get for them.


5. You Can Save A Life

While more shelters are moving away from time limits on long-term residents, the sad truth is that there are still many shelters that have not. This means that many senior dogs are the first to be euthanized when they are not adopted out. When you adopt a senior dog, you can guarantee that you have saved a life.


Ready to open your heart and home to your new canine companion? Visit your local shelter or search petfinder.com to find a senior dog that has been waiting for you!

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