Designed for dogs who like to shake, toss, tug and squeak their toys. Playtime with your pup becomes less messy with this stuffing-free dog toy.  Constructed with a patented squeaking assembly, this toy squeaks when both ends are tugged simultaneously.  The Jolly Tug series is designed for dogs and pet parents to strengthen their bonds with epic games of tug of war.

  • Tug – Playing tug-of-war helps your dog relieve stress
  • Squeak – Best squeak on the block to drive your dog bonkers
  • Snuggle – When playtime is over, these are great for curling up next to for a doggie nap
  • Patented - U.S. Patent No. 8,881,685 / 9,295,232 / 9,681,643
  • Character groups come assorted (cannot choose specific character)

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