June 26, 2020 4 min read

National Take Your Dog to Work Day is a day where typically dog-free offices are filled with happy barks, tail wags, and wet kisses. While this day is a special, once-a-year treat for most people, every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day at the Jolly Pets office.

Our Marketing department is led by Miss Sadie, a sassy Pit Bull mix who doubles as our Senior Toy Tester and Marketing Director. Sadie's zest for life and all things Jolly makes every day in the office seemingly more fun than the last. Not only does she put each one of our products through the most rigorous testing before she gives them her paw of approval, but she also makes everyone's day so much better. I mean, who can be upset when looking at an adorable pittie smile? 

(Sadie mid-toy test. The Jolly Jumper received a glowing 5-Paw review)

Sadie has made such a positive impact on our office culture, that we can't help but feel bad for anyone who doesn't have an office pup of their own. This is why we think that Take Your Dog to Work Day should be every day. For those of you that are still skeptical, here are just some of the reasons why having some furry coworkers is the way to go.


Reduces Stress/Brings Comfort

Work can be a very stressful place, regardless of the position you hold or the company you work for. It is typical for employees to experience an upward trend of their stress levels throughout the day, but studies show the exact opposite of employees that have a dog if the office. This is because being around a dog seemingly makes any stress or worry melt away. Dogs also bring a great deal of comfort. So, when faced with difficult tasks, your office pup is sure to bring those much-needed smiles.

Keeps the Blood Flowing and Endorphins Pumping 

Sitting at a desk all day without moving is not good for anyone, but it's easy to do when you are up to your ears in work. Having a dog at the office can break up some of that sedentary routine of typical office work by providing you an opportunity to get up every once in a while to pet, play with, or walk the dog. Not only does that keep you physically more active than you would be without a dog in the office, but dogs are also directly linked with the release of endorphins which make you happier. 

The Distraction that Actually Keeps You Productive

While some might argue that having a dog in the office is a constant distraction, dogs are actually linked to increased productivity. Taking short mental and physical breaks in order to give your office companion a little attention is actually a great way to keep you mentally fresh throughout the day. You are also inclined to work longer if you don't have to worry about rushing home to walk or feed your dog.

Increased Communication and Collaboration 

It is easy to "get in the zone" when you're at work. Trust me, we've all been there. There are some days when you're so consumed with what you have going on, that you don't even speak to your coworkers. While diligence is great, collaboration is what truly makes companies thrive. Having an office dog brings common ground and encourages coworkers (even across different departments) to spark conversations that they probably wouldn't have otherwise. This type of regular communication naturally leads to increased collaboration, ultimately, bringing about new ideas and efficiency. 

Improved Employee Acquisition and Retention 

Company culture is everything to employees these days. This generation has brought about an increased value of work-life balance that has never been seen before, which means prospective employees are interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them! Having a dog-friendly office is an extremely attractive offering to prospective employees. It sets an example that the company they will be working for not only cares about them, but their furry family members too! Not to mention that once an employee gets used to taking their dog to work, there is a very slim chance that they will be willing to leave and go back to a boring, dogless office.

Stimulates Creativity 

Remember that reduced stress, increased endorphins, and overall comfort we were talking about earlier? Well, those things will naturally free up your brain so that it can focus more on the creative process. Dogs act as a mental pallet cleanser that keeps your brain in tip-top shape and allows you to reach your full creative potential.

Benefits Your Pup Too!

We definitely don't reap all the benefits here! Dogs that get to go to work with their humans are much happier. Dogs are pack animals, so, the increased socialization that they get from being in the office is great for them. Also, they will get more regular bathroom breaks and exercise than if they were stuck home alone. A true win-win for both dogs and humans!


Having a hard time convincing your boss that a dog-friendly office is the way to go? Not to worry, just send them this article and tell them Sadie sent you! She is VERY convincing (trust us).

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