May 08, 2019 2 min read

As dog parents, we all love spending time with our darling furballs. Whether your dog is a calm cuddle bug or a social party hound, there are a number of great ways to celebrate Halloween with your furry friend by your side. No matter what activities you choose, be sure to keep your pet's safety in mind!

Dress Them Up for Halloween

What better way to get your dog in the Halloween fun than to dress them up in the pawfect costume?  When choosing a costume for your dog, pick an outfit that fits comfortably, doesn’t restrict movement, and avoids small edible pieces.

If your dog doesn't seem to be feeling it, don’t push them. However, if they don't mind the costume, then it’s a great way to celebrate Halloween.

Host a Doggie Halloween Costume Party

Invite some of the friends your furbaby has made at the park or dog class for a spooktacular good time with everyone dressed in their favorite costumes.  For doggie bags, check out this pupcake recipe!

Pick Up a Spooky New Dog Toy

Halloween dog toys are nearly endless, but who wouldn't love a brand new Monster Ball full of treats?  Part ball, part mouth, part treat dispenser, all awesome! This ball looks cool and is super versatile. Designed to offer a playful bounce at fetch time and features a flexible mouth to stuff the hollow center with treats for reward time.

Trick or Treating With Your Dog

Outgoing pets may want to tag along on your family’s trick-or-treat outing or help you give candy to neighborhood trick-or-treaters. If your pet plans to tag along, make sure they are not easily spooked. Halloween events can be unpredictable with kids in costumes and strange sounds and decorations. If you do plan to hand out candy to the neighborhood, make sure your pet stays close to home. With all the new activity, they may be tempted to slip outside while you’re tending to the trick-or-treaters.

Find Local Halloween Activities

Check out your local newspaper or community social media groups to see if there are any fun fall activities going on where you can bring your dog.

Enjoy a Fall Getaway

Another fun way to celebrate the season is with a fall getaway that includes your pup. Check out Bring Fido, which is an awesome website that lists pet-friendly hotels, resorts, restaurants, and more! Visit this site and see if you can find any cool ideas for a beautiful fall vacation with your furball.