January 18, 2024 3 min read

Cats have been around for most of our history and some of them have made some incredible and unique accomplishments. In addition to being adorable and cuddly, cats can also make their marks on history and be remembered for some crazy events. We’ve gathered up a list of our favorite unique cats from history, ranging from cats who have survived shipwrecks to going to space!

Unsinkable Sam

Cats are said to have nine lives, and this cat definitely had at least three. The cat Oskar would eventually earn the name “Unsinkable Sam” after surviving three shipwrecks. According to the story, Oskar was aboard a German battleship called the Bismarck that was sunk in May 1941. Oskar survived and was taken aboard the British destroyer Cossack, which also sunk a few months later. After surviving that shipwreck, Oskar was rescued again and brought aboard the HMS Ark Royal, which went down only three weeks after he was brought aboard. Oskar was found during rescue efforts and earned the moniker “Unsinkable Sam” and finally went to spend his final years on land.

Dixie and Tabby

The first cats that got to live in the white house were gifted to Abraham Lincoln. Dixie and Tabby became the official first cats and were beloved by the President. Lincoln was often seen petting, playing, and talking to his cats. He even fed Tabby from a golden fork during a formal dinner once! These two cats certainly lived a luxurious life while living in the white house.


Felicette was the first cat to go to space. After going through space training, Felicette was sent into space, making her the first cat ever to leave the earth on October 18, 1963. She was recovered after parachuting back down to Earth.


Chester is the only cat to be credited with writing a scientific paper. A Michigan State University physics professor named Jack Hetherington wrote a paper to be published. However, Hetherington had used the word we throughout the paper instead of I, and this would result in the paper being rejected since there was only one author listed. Instead of editing the paper, Hetherington decided to add another author to the paper: F.D.C. Willard. The name stood for “Felix Domesticus, Chester” with Willard being the name of Chester’s dad. As simple as that, Chester became a co-author of a physics paper!


Blackie is the richest cat in history after inheriting $12.5 million from his owner. When Blackie’s owner, a successful antique dealer, died in 1988, he left his money to  the sole surviving feline heir in his mansion. Instead of leaving the money to his family, Blackie’s owner divided the money up between three cat charities and tasked them with taking care of Blackie.

Creme Puff

The oldest cat to ever be recorded was a cat named Creme Puff. She lived for 38 years, which is two decades more than the average cat. Creme Puff’s owner said the secret to her longevity is home-cooked breakfasts every two days, lots of entertainment, and a life filled with love.


Wilberforce was a cat employed by the British Prime Minister at his residence. Given the title of “Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office” Wilberforce’s primary job was to keep the place vermin-free. Wilberforce served in this position for four terms of Prime Ministers before retiring. He was reportedly very good at his job.


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