April 19, 2019 1 min read

It's a good idea to add training time to your dog's schedule every day. It helps to improve their behavior, all while providing them with crucial mental stimulation. Check out these couple ways to easily integrate training to your dog's daily routine.

  • Quick Sessions: Set aside short periods (about 10 mins) a few times each day to work on a particular skill. This is a great way to train your dog basic commands, new behaviors and to reinforce them.
  • Opportunity Training: This involves using different opportunities that arise throughout the day to reinforce your dog's training. For instance, while your family is sitting down for a meal is a great time to work on a "go-to place" command. While you're watching television in the evening is a good time to work on capturing good behaviors with a clicker.

Adding both of these methods to your schedule is sure to create a better behaved dog, step by step. For longer training sessions, try these dog training games to really get your buddy on the ball!