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One thing all cat owners know is there will be cat hair. Everywhere. On everything. That’s part of the deal when it comes to owning a cat. However, there are ways to manage the endless fur. Shedding fur is a normal and healthy way for cats to get rid of dead hair and replenish their coats. Indoor cats tend to shed their fur year-round. Helping your cat manage their fur can be a great way to keep them healthy, bond with them, and keep the fur to a controllable amount. We’ve got the purrfect tips to help!

Brush Your Cat

Cats are self-groomers. They can keep themselves clean on their own. That doesn’t mean they can’t use a little extra help. Getting your cat used to brushing sessions will make it easy for you to groom them. Grooming your cat can help remove excess fur they haven’t cleaned themselves. This will help keep their coat smooth and mat free. Helping to remove fur will cause your cat to ingest less loose hair, which means less hairballs! Brushing your cat also give you an up close look at their skin, which allows you to keep an eye out for any irritations or parasites which might be hiding under their fur. Spending time brushing your cat can also be a great way to bond.

Start by doing short brushing sessions with your cat. Keep them short and positive and stop before your cat gets annoyed. Use treats to encourage them if you want to make it more pleasant. Work out what types of brush your cat likes, whether it’s a comb or a glove, and be mindful of your cat’s skin as it might be sensitive to harsher brush material. As your cat gets used to the brushing sessions, make them longer. Frequent grooming will help reduce the amount of fur being shed around the house.

Hydration and a Balanced Diet

Making sure your cat has a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of keeping their fur healthy. Ensure your cat is getting all the proper nutrients they need. This includes drinking water as hydration is very important for cats. A balanced diet and drinking lots of water will help your cat stay healthy and grow a smooth fur coat. You can try getting a running water fountain or putting wet food mixed in with dry food if you are worried about keeping your cat hydrated.

Cat Space

Give your cat their own space to sleep and hang out in. This might not stop the shedding but it can help confine it to a single location. Give your cat their own cat bed, a cat tower, or a space with all their favorite things. Your cat will spend most of their time in their favorite spaces, containing the fur they shed to that area. Having all the shed fur in one spot makes cleaning up that much easier.

Minimize Stress

Stressful environments can cause cats to shed excessively. Make sure you keep your home a cat friendly place to make your cat feel safe and happy. Provide spots for cats to hide when they need to be alone. Give them interactive toys and scratching posts to help them work out their energy.

When to Consult a Vet

Shedding is normal in all cats, but excessive shedding can be a sign of a health problem. If your cat is dealing with more hair loss than normal, contact your vet to figure out the underlying cause. Keep an eye out for irritations or potential parasites which may be causing your cat harm. If you have any concerns about your cat’s shedding behavior, talk to your vet.

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