April 19, 2019 1 min read

Scenario: You just bought your dog a new toy, and within a week, it's gone. Completely ruined and torn to pieces. Or perhaps they've had it for quite some time, you thought it was their favorite, and then one day, they tore it to pieces.

Question: So why do dogs end up destroying their toys?

Simply put; to them, it's the job of the moment and the ripping and tearing is rewarded by the feel of the fabric giving way. It's like when a dog who loves to dig in the yard is confronted with a new hole; the feel of the dirt beneath their paws and flying past them as they dig deeper...it's energizing.


A dog's mind is immediate. They don't think about the ultimate loss of their favorite toy or that fact that Mom & Dad will be unhappy. It's the now, and the sheer joy of feeding into their natural instincts.

The most common reason as to why dogs will destroy their toys is simply that the wrong type/size of toy was given to them. Sometimes they don't really mean to destroy it, but the toy was too small/big for them to get a handle on.

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