April 19, 2019 2 min read

Halloween weekend brings about a very important New York City tradition; the annual Halloween Dog Parade and Costume Contest in Tompkins Square Park. Everyone loves to include their furry friends in Halloween festivities, and these parade participants really took it to the next level!

Halloween 2014's best in show went to Giupetto, Giana, and Baxter, who sailed in on a terrier-size version of the Titanic (above). Other highlights included an adorable Robin Williams tribute, several HBO-themed looks, a pug dressed as Picasso ("Pugcasso"), and a dachshund with the NYC skyline on its back. Take a look at dozens more canine costumes below! You won't regret it!

Macaroon with Holly Tooker - Flu Season (Honorable Mention)


Mama Biscuit with John and Tommy


Sadie with Charlie and Meghan - Guilty Remnants from The Leftovers 


Frida - Lady Liberty


Harry with Ben and Sylvia - Shake Shack (Honorable Mention)


Bogie and Kimba with Anthony Rubio - "Game of Bones"


Maggie with Tracy - Sweet Pea (Third Place)


Audrey and John - Bambi


Daisy Girl and Kelly - Game of Thrones


McKew and Melissa - the Pope


Lucy - Dirty Martini


Jax and Roscoe-Roo - Barking Bad (5th Place)


Porsche the Glam Lion and Rosie the Glam Monkey from Circus Freak Show with Grace Forster of Doggie Moms


Agnes with Keith Salvata and Krisja Lorenson - Little Shop of Horrors (Honorable Mention)


Buddy with Penny Pennline - Army


Bella Mia - Cinderella - Therapy dog with Good Dog Foundation (3rd Place)


Sunny with Matt and Waka - Pig Family


Tacocat as Dog


Dexter and Charlie the Pawnk Superstars surrounded by paparazzi and fans


Gus with Molly - Derek Jeter's One-Night Stand


FiFiGiGi as Mrs. Doubtfire, Meteor as Mork, and Beanie as Comic Relief 


Lollipop and Yum Yum with Teresa - Grand Prix Winner Circle (4th Place)


Willie Jasper with Jacqueline and Joseph - Moonrise Kingdom Dogscout


Hanzo with Gary - Unlucky Bunny (Honorable Mention)


Vixen - Pugcasso


Azula with Jessica - Little Red Riding Hood


Sissy - Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt in Night at the Museum (5th Place)


Clea with Vincenzo and Michelle - Wonder Woman


Mitchan with Kanako - Cowboy on Bunny


Pachino with Alessia - Caterpillar turning into a Butterfly (2nd Place)


Natasha and Sonya with Sofija and Michael - Werewolf Family


King Tut with Ruben Santana - The Aztecs (1st Place)


Logan - Cerberus


Oscar - The Greatest City in the World (Honorable Mention)


Bella Vita with Deborah - Pumpkin-Autumn Leaf


Cici and Bibi with Godfather Roberto - Frozen


Kobe - "Indiana Bones"


Images Provided By: Konstantin Sergeyev