July 26, 2018 2 min read

We are guilty of going on Instagram to make a post, only to find an hour has passedbecause we found ourselves going down the proverbial "catstagram" rabbit hole.Cat pictures are without a doubt one of the best ways to get a good laugh, cheer you up, or spark great ideas. We may be a little biased, but Grumpy Cat IS one of the most famous felines on the planet! Here are some of our favorite cats of social media.

Cat Memes

Ok, we have to start with some of the best cat memes. We mentioned Grumpy Cat, formally known as Tardar Sauce, and she has made Monday’s funny again. Her best quote is arguably, “I had fun once, it was awful.” Her not-so-sweet face has nothing to do with her sweet disposition, as she has an underbite and feline dwarfism.

LOL Cats is one of the best sources of purely cat memes. Kittens sleeping on beds made of napkins, kittens in bow ties, the cuteness never ends.

Famous Cats on Instagram

The namesake account, Cats of Instagram, has upwards of 11.4 million followers. We especially love watching the unsuspecting humans getting outsmarted by their feline companions.

Nala the cat was a shelter rescue, who now has upwards of 4.3 million followers. She’s pretty darn cute and curious, really knows how to rock some spectacles, and can stick out her tongue better than most teenagers.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat even comes with his own very cool handlebar mustache, in addition to his 800,000 followers. Once a feral kitty, his owners use his social media fame to bring awareness to rescues, #adoptdontshop.

Cats That Made it Big on YouTube

Keyboard Cat has to be the ultimate YouTube cat-station with over 51 million views (that’s more than the population of Canada). This iconic video wasn’t even uploaded until 10 years after Fatso had passed. The musical stylings of this famous feline show you that even a critter with claws can tickle the ivories.

Nyan Cat isn’t a real cat, but a cartoony pixelated cat head on a Pop-Tart body. There’s quite a lengthy history on Nyan Cat, whose likeness was actually based on a real cat.

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