June 19, 2017 3 min read

Cats come in all shapes and sizes; fuzzy or not so much, sassy or sweet (let’s face it they all have some sass), but which breeds regularly rank as the most popular? Below you'll find 5 of the most popular cat breeds from around the world. All 5 breeds frequently appear on national and international lists of popular cat types. Each breed comes with its own unique traits, both physical and mental. Check out the list to see which breed is best suitedfor you or your family.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are consistently ranked as one of the top 5 most popular cat breeds and it's easy to see why. These distinctively beautiful cats are known for their good nature and independence. As a long-haired cat, Maine Coons need regular grooming and are best kept as indoor cats. They’re perfect family pets, as they're typically friendly and laid back.

Fun Fact: Maine Coons are native to the state of Maine. For more details about Maine Coons, see this video.


The beautiful long-haired Persian continues to rank as one of the best cat breeds around. These elegant animals are best suited for quiet, docile homes without young children. Caring for a Persian is a bit more work than some other breeds. They need to be groomed daily and are predisposed to excessive tearing.

Fun Fact: Queen Victoria was especially fond of Persians. For more details about Persians, see this video.


If you're searching for the most playful and intelligent of the popular cat types, look no further than the Abyssinian. Abyssinians are the toddlers of the cat world. This popular cat breed has boundless energy and loves to play. Abyssinians are easy to care for but need regular exercise and attention.

Fun Fact: Only a dozen British Abyssinians survived World War II. Luckily, the population managed to recover. For more details about Abyssinians, see this video.

American Shorthair

Another one of the best cat breeds for families is the ever-popular American Shorthair. These good-natured cats are less rambunctious than the Abyssinians but no less loving. The American Shorthair is a working cat and enjoys a good task while also maintaining an independent streak. This breed's short hair also makes maintenance a breeze for busy owners.

Fun Fact: The Cat Fanciers Association first recognized the American Shorthair as a breed in 1906. For more details about American Shorthairs, see this video.


The beautifully blue-eyed Ragdoll is one of the most affectionate breeds you can find. Ragdolls prefer to be with their humans, often snuggled up in their owner's lap. Although a more docile breed, Ragdolls are still a good fit for families. However, their long hair requires semi-regular grooming.

Fun Fact: Breeder Ann Baker was the first to breed Ragdolls during the 1960s. For more details about Ragdolls, see this video.

Honorable Mention!

Mystery Cat

Owning a purebred cat isn’t for everyone, some of us enjoy a little mystery in our lives. Not mystery meat or murder mystery dinners - but what about that mystery cat that has your attention, and your heart? Maybe you saw them at a rescue shelter and all you know is that you and that mysterious feline have a great future together.

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