May 04, 2020 3 min read

We are all going a bit stir-crazy with all of our usual activities being closed or canceled. Being inside more than usual is hard, but not quite as hard as it is on your dog. Your dog is obviously happy to have their favorite hoomans home more often, but they have no way of understanding why they can't take their usual dog park trips or see their furriends like they used to.

If you've had a hard time figuring out just how to cure your pup's dog park deprivation, then keep reading! Getting outside is the remedy both you and your dog need to kick those quarantine blues.


Take a Hike

There are plenty of nature trails closer than you might think and many of them are open throughout quarantine because they naturally allow for proper social distancing. If you aren't familiar with trails near you, then enter your city here and you can see a list of top trails in your area, with ratings, reviews, and a gauge on how difficult the trail is to hike. 

Bring Indoor Games Outside

You can easily transition most inside games, outdoors. Whether it be tug-of-warfetch, or basking in the sun while your pup gnaws on their favorite peanut butter-filled toy, bringing your dog's favorite activities outside can really help brighten both your spirits.

Explore Your Neighborhood

Taking your dog on more walks is a good way to ensure you are both getting ample exercise and your daily does of Vitamin D. Instead of your usual walk around the block, change things up a bit. Go left instead of right, try a new street, let your dog sniff some fire hydrants he never has before. Subtle changes like this help provide added enrichment for your dog by allowing them to experience some new sights and smells.

Water Play

Now that it's starting to warm up out there, some outside water fun is a great way to keep things interesting for you and your dog. Try playing with the hose, a sprinkler, or filling up a kiddie pool with your dog's favorite floating toys. They will love these new activities, and you are sure to get some laughs by watching them navigate this new way to play.

Mealtime Outside

Try having an outside dinner date with your dog. This is for all you dog-friendly restaurant patio lovers out there! Take your dog out on your deck or balcony and enjoy a peaceful mealtime where you take in the scenery and smell the fresh air. This can be the perfect way to unwind and bond with your dog after a day of walks and play. 

Camp Out

If you have space in your back yard, then get creative and have a little doggie camping trip! You can light a little campfire and roast marshmallows for you and hot dogs for them, all while keeping your pup at a safe distance from the flames, of course. When you're done with your campfire treats, bring their dog bed into the tent and you can snuggle up under the stars! Your pup is sure to give their stay at this resort a five-paw review.

Hide and Seek

One way to bring the fun outside is by practicing some dog training games. One of our personal favorites is hide and seek, which helps work on your dog's recall. A reliable recall could save your dog's life and it is one of the most important behaviors you can ever teach your dog. This game makes coming when called fun and exciting!

  1. With some food rewards in your pocket, hide just around a corner when your dog isn't looking and cue them to come to you.
  2. Reward your dog with food, praise, or even a game of tug once they find you. The point of this game is to teach that coming to you always brings something your dog loves!
  3. Slowly increase the difficulty of your hiding spots and eventually, you can even play outdoors with a long leash.

This is just one of many dog training games that you can work on with your pup. These games double as a great way to train your dog, while also helping you to build a closer bond.


We hope that you feel inspired to get out there with your dogs and try some new activities to keep things interesting during quarantine. These are strange times, but remember, your dog needs your support just as much as you need theirs. Taking even the simplest activities outside could help both of you more than you know.


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