April 23, 2019 2 min read

Everyone knows that dogs love to chew (we’re sure you have some shoes that prove it). Just like your favorite pair of shoes can be shredded by your dog’s harmless fun, so can dog toys that aren’t durable enough. It’s important that your dog has toys that can withstand even the most excited chewing, and here’s why:

Choking Hazards

Even if the toy seems durable, like a tennis ball, remove it from your toy rotation if your dog destroys it after a few play sessions. The smaller pieces could be swallowed or choked on, leading to scary complications. It’s important to make sure your toys were made specifically for dogs and can withstand playtime.


Chewing and swallowing toys that are made with toxic material could be harmful to your dog. Not only are durable, dog-specific, toys less likely to be swallowed, but they are made out of pet-safe materials that won’t spread toxins from chewing.

Beware of Squeakers

Does your dog like the toys with squeakers inside? Squeakers can provide a lot of entertainment for your pooch, but it’s important that the squeaker can’t be torn out of the toy. Some dogs like to find and destroy the source of the squeak, which could mean swallowing it.

The Problem with Soft Toys

Although some dogs enjoy playing with soft, fabric-based, toys and have no problems, more aggressive chewers could easily tear them into pieces. This is dangerous because your dog could swallow those smaller pieces of the fabric, or hard pieces, such as eyes, that they tore off. Watch your dog closely if you give them soft toys and make sure to discard the toy if it is torn up.
Every dog is different and every dog needs a different type of toy. Just because one toy is made to withstand even the toughest chewer doesn’t mean you should get it for your more gentle dog. Check out our Toy Finder so you can make sure your dog has the right toy, whether they're a chewer, chaser, squeaker, or tugger.