May 29, 2020 2 min read

Can you think of what the most dangerous thing for your home is? A tornado, flood, or maybe a fire? While all of these natural disasters are detrimental to your home, they pale in comparison to the damage a bored dog could do. 

Keeping our dogs mentally stimulated is extremely important, especially with the summer heat upon us. You will likely have your pup inside more during the heat of the day, but chances are their energy levels will still be through the roof. If that's the case, then having some essential boredom breakers are crucial to keeping your dog from terrorizing your home. Toys that promote slow feeding, healthy chewing, and mentally stimulating "puzzles" are great options to keep your pup's mind sharp and occupied, inside or out.



For those dogs who woof down their food and treats like it's the last meal they're ever going to see, treat-stuffing toys are a great way to add some challenge to your dog's meal and treat time. Not only do such toys help control your dog's eating behavior, but they also help to provide a much-needed distraction to help prevent separation anxiety and other forms of stress.

Not to mention, slow-feeding means that your dog has more time to focus on eating their food, and less on eating your stuff! Jolly Pets has a variety of treat-stuffing toys that are even designed to hold an entire cup of food. Bring some fun and a challenge to mealtime with the:


Chew Time

For a bored dog, everything is a chew toy. Your shoes, clothes, and even your furniture can be shredded in minutes by a determined dog that doesn't have an appropriate outlet for chew time. Lucky for you, Jolly Pets has you covered with our multiple toy options that are guaranteed for powerful chewers! Check out these options that really pack a powerful punch:



Does your dog manage to open doors, crates, and cabinets? Do they laugh at the sight of your feeble attempts to "dog-proof" your home? If that is the case, then puzzle toys are the best fit to stimulate your dog's mind and keep them entertained. The Teaser Ball's clever "ball withing a ball" design keeps dogs guessing as to how they can manage to get the small ball out of the larger ball. You can even raise the stakes by putting a bit of peanut butter on the small ball to really get their gears turning.


Now start the conversation! Share this boredom breaker guide with your furriends and talk about other ways that you help keep your dogs mentally active. 


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