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For many animal lovers, their pets are a part of the family—even like children in many instances. So it only makes perfect sense that as with any cherished family member, you would want to include your pet as a part of your wedding day. If you’re planning your wedding and want your beloved pet to be a part of the festivities, here are a few ways your four-legged friend can be a part of the wedding day celebration.

Including Your Four-Legged Friend On Your Big Day

Walk Down the Aisle

A spectacular way to include your pet in your wedding day is to have them walk down the aisle. For venues that allow animals, well-behaved pets can serve in many capacities. They can be the ring bearer, accompany the flower girl down the aisle, or even accompany the bride down the aisle! German Shepherds, Pugs, Labrador Retrievers, and many other dog breeds that can follow commands very well, can make a grand appearance on your wedding day. Alternatively, for venues that do not allow pets, your pet’s likeness can be carried down the aisle, such as a photo or other illustration, to demonstrate just how meaningful they are to your life.

Wedding Day Portraits

Another great way to include your pet in your wedding day is to have portraits taken that involve your pet. From family photos to individual portraits of your dog, there are no limits to the types of photographs that can be taken. For example, photos can be taken that feature your dog in his own doggie tuxedo or her own tutu to match the color scheme of the wedding. Photos can also be taken of your pet carrying custom signs such as “Save the Date” for engagement photos or “Here Comes the Bride” and “Just Married” signs on the actual day of the wedding.

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers (or Bottomers!)

Another great way to have your dog in your wedding is to have them atop your cake! While traditional wedding toppers have been in the likeness of the couple, you can now have custom wedding toppers created that include the likeness of your beloved pets as well. This is also true of adorable bottomers which are placed at the bottom tier of the cake in a peek-a-boo fashion. These figurines, in the likeness of your pet, playfully peek out and make a grand appearance. This is a great addition to a cake that will surely delight your guests as you keep your pup close in heart on your big day.

Pet-Inspired Guest Favors

Share your love for your pet by giving your guests pet-inspired wedding favors. Adorable favors that are customized to adorn the likeness of your pet are a great way to include your furry companions, even if they could not attend the main event. Delicious hard candies that feature an image of your dog, pet-inspired cozies for drinks, or even entire “doggie bags” full of goodies are a sweet addition to your wedding day celebration. Such favor ideas will demonstrate to your guests just how much you care for your furry companions.

Share your wedding day vows by including your dog! Including your dog in your wedding is a great way to demonstrate your love for your pet and your life together as a family with your new spouse. In fact, the excitement and joy of your wedding day can be even more special when your favorite pooch makes an entrance and shares in the love that you have for your new partner. From walking down the aisle to sitting atop the cake, to having their image featured on guest favors, there are many ways to include your pet for the most meaningful wedding day occasion.


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