April 22, 2020 3 min read

Being away from our friends, family, and normal routines is ruff on all of us. During times like these, it is easy for our mental and physical health to slip. If your health does take a toll, being a dog pawrent could actually help. There are a number of proven health benefits that result from having a dog in your life, and those benefits really shine through in the age of social distancing.


Keeps You Active

Becoming "one with the couch" and binge-watching countless shows on Netflix is extremely tempting. Trust me, we've all been there. For those who find it difficult to self-motivate to work out, your dog is the the perfect inspiration to get you moving! Their excitement to go for a walk, play fetch, or chase you around the yard is enough to break any Netflix binge-athon.

Decreases Your Stress

This is a stressful time for all of us and it is normal to feel a little on-edge. Whether it be financial stress, or the stress of not being able to see loved ones, we are all experiencing some form of heightened stress and anxiety throughout this time. Dogs have the luxury of not needing to worry about much of anything, so they naturally alleviate your stress with their perpetually positive attitudes. 

Comforts You

Dogs are the most popular emotional support animal for a reason. Did you know studies suggest that dogs are one of the rare cases of inner-species empathy? Meaning, they are able to experience genuine empathy towards their humans, and not just their fellow dogs. When they see you upset or moping around, their first instinct is to determine what is wrong and help you out of your funk! 

Renews Your Sense of Purpose

Whether you are out of work, or just out of sorts from your daily routines coming to a screeching halt, you can start to question your sense of purpose. That sense of purpose can be renewed almost instantly with the help of your furry friend. No matter what is going on in the world, your dog still needs you and always will. They rely on you for food, shelter, exercise, and love. With them, you are always needed and appreciated more than you can begin to measure.

Decreases Your Loneliness

It goes without saying that our dogs keep us from being lonely. If you live alone, social distancing can be exceptionally hard. We are social creatures and not getting in-person human contact can take a toll on even the most introverted of homebodies. However, if your roommate is a dog, then that lonely void is instantly filled with wet kisses and butt wiggles.

Good for the Heart

Having a dog can be great for your heart in more ways than one. Various studies show the correlation between having a dog, and overall heart health. This includes, but is not limited to, lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, decreased triglyceride levels, less heart attacks, and better chance of successful recovery from heart attacks. These benefits are believed to be caused by dogs helping to mitigate your stress.  

Dogs can also be good for your heart by being the perfect wing man! Having a dog greatly increases your "swipe right" potential on Tinder. So while you're quarantine-cruising through those dating apps, remember that a cute selfie with your pup can really help your chances of finding the BAE of your dreams.


It is for all these reasons and more that remind us just how special having a dog in our lives really is. Don't forget to show your pup some extra love and appreciation for not only keeping you happier, but healthier during quarantine!


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