April 19, 2019 3 min read

Dog toy options are nearly endless and we know that choosing toys for your dog can be overwhelming. It may take a little trial and error before you find that perfect toy for your dog. So how do you choose toys that are right for your dog and that they actually like? To begin, ask yourself, “How does my dog like to play?” Does Buddy like to chew? Maybe Reese loves to chase and retrieve. Ruby might like to simply cuddle stuffed animals, while Charlotte loves treats, but is otherwise uninterested in interactive toys.  Well, no matter what your dogs’ particular interests are, there is a toy just for them!

1.  Think About Age

There are a few considerations you will want to make when choosing dog supplies, the first being the age of your pet. The age of a dog has a large impact on the types of toys that they can enjoy. For example, a puppy may be prone to more chewing than an older dog, so a highly durable dog chew toy may be a more appropriate choice. On the other hand, an older dog's ability to chew and chase may be diminished from their younger years.

2.  Size Really Does Matter

When it comes to dog toys, size matters. You wouldn't buy an over-sized chew toy for a teacup poodle. Likewise, a toy that's too small for a larger dog could be a potential choking hazard. Find the right size of dog toy for your pet to maximize safety and enjoyment. For example, balls should be large enough to carry, but not too small. Balls and other toys that are too small can easily be swallowed or become lodged in your dog’s mouth or throat.

3.  Indoors or Outdoors

The type of dog toy you choose for your dog will depend on whether they will be playing inside or outside. Issues such as durability and use depend on the environment, so you may be less likely to buy your dog a football if they spend most of their time in your living room. For pet owners with dogs who spend time both indoors and out, look for a wide variety of dog toys to entertain your dog, whether you're playing fetch at the park or enjoying an evening in.

4.  Lifestyle

The type of toy you purchase will also depend on your pup's lifestyle. Interactive dog toys are the best toys you can buy for your dog since playtime promotes owner-pet bonding. Look for dog balls that you and your pooch can play fetch with or a toy to play tug-of-war. Make the most of playtime with a training and exercise set that will keep your dog in shape while at play. 

Boredom-breaker dog toys are great if your dog is home alone during the day. Since a large number of dogs suffer from separation anxiety when they are home alone, a great way to keep their mind off of it is a durable boredom-breaker dog toy that you can stuff with goodies to keep them occupied.

5.  Play Style

Not all dogs play the same way. Is your dog a chewer? A tugger? A chaser? A snuggler? Maybe all of the above?  Well, we’ve got toys for all different play styles. Check out our dog toy finder to see which toy will suit your dog the best.

6. Supervised Play

Always supervise your pet when they are playing with toys. Unsupervised play can lead to that great plush toy that you just bought being ripped up, de-stuffed, or worse; swallowed. It is your responsibility to watch out for your pet’s safety.

Remember the differences in chew toys and interactive toys during playtime, and keep these toys separate. If you see your dog begin to rip up a toy that is only for fetch, take it away and give them a chew toy. Correcting behaviors and getting your pet to focus on the right toy at the right time is important to curbing destructive behavior as well as protecting your dog toy investments.