March 14, 2024 3 min read

Whether you already own a cat or are planning on bringing home a new furry friend, you need to make sure your home is cat friendly. Making your home cat friendly will help you make your cat happy! While cats are seen as more independent pets than dogs, they still need your help to make a comfortable and secure home environment where they can thrive. We have some tips on how to make your home welcoming to your cat. 

First things first, you need to make sure your home is free frompotential hazards. Certain items such as sharp objects, electrical cords, medications, toxic foods, and chemicals like the ones found in cleaning supplies can all be harmful if your cat were to interact with them. Be sure to keep hazardous objects locked away from your cat in places they are unable to access. Cats can get into many places you might not expect like under furniture or on high surfaces. Be sure to keep these places clear of harmful items in case your cat decides to go exploring. 

Cats need secure access to their resources like food, water, litter boxes, and a hiding place. You need to keep these resources in places with low foot traffic but places your cat can easily access when needed. Like people,cats do not like eating in the same room where they go to the bathroom. Keeping food and litter boxes in different areas of the house will make the cat feel more comfortable. Many cats also do not like drinking water right next to their food. Put their water dish in its own area as well. Many cats prefer moving water to still water. If you can, try getting a cat water fountain for them to use instead of a regular water bowl. To make your cat feel even more at ease with having safe access to their resources, you can add multiple water bowls/fountains and litter boxes around the house. Having two in separate areas can give your cat options to choose from in case one area is busier. You should also provide your cat with a secure hiding place they can go to when they need some peace and quiet. Your cat might find their own hiding spot they prefer, but leaving options open for your cat is a wonderful way to make them feel safe. 

Providing a cat-friendly home requires stability. This can include routines and schedules that you cat can come to expect.Feeding your cat at the same time every day will let them settle and know they will always have food coming. Stability in knowing what room your cat is allowed into will also help to ease your cat’s anxiety. If your cat is allowed to wander into different rooms of the house, keep those doors open whenever you can. Sudden changes in where your cat is allowed to go and not go can cause stress. Be sure tobe consistent in your interaction with your cat as well. Do not force any affection as cats only enjoy playing or being pet when they want, but when they come to you looking for affection be sure to give it. Constant and routine positive affection will help your cat be assured by your presence and help to grow your bond. 

Once you make sure your cat is safe from hazards and has a stable routine, you need to provide them with enrichment. Cats enjoy climbing and being up high. Giving them stable shelves and wall ramps to climb can let them be up high and survey the room. Scratching posts are also a fantastic way to let cats get enrichment. Cats enjoy scratching and providing them with a designated scratching area may help to save your furniture from being torn up by cat claws. Toys are a great way for cats to get enrichment and let loose their natural predatory instincts. Playing with your cats and getting them toys to play on their own are both great ways to let them stay active and happy. 

Making your cat feel safe and secure is the first step to providing them with a cat-friendly home. Once they feel secure in their environment you can provide enrichment to make them feel happy. Feeling safe, having a stable routine, and fun activities will make your cat love their home with you. 

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