June 09, 2022 3 min read

Every pet store you walk into is bound to have a squeaky dog toy of some kind. Why are they so popular amongst our canine companions? The main reason is that squeaky toys allow them to engage in their natural hunting instincts. Squeaky toys tend to be smaller and emit all kinds of different squeaky sounds that make them extra enticing. But with so many different squeaker toys out there, it can be a challenge to figure out which one is best suited to your dog. From the pitch of their squeak to their shape and size, there are more factors involved than you may think when it comes to picking the best squeaky toy for your dog.

The first step in finding the best squeaky toy is to determine your dog’s playstyle.



There are many ways that dogs can play, but not every dog plays the same! Common playstyles include

  • Chasing
  • Tugging
  • Wrestling
  • Cheerleading
  • Gentle Play

Understanding which way your dog likes to play will make picking out a squeaky toy (and other toys!) that much easier. While one toy might be very popular with a particular dog, it may not be a hit for yours. Once you’ve figured out how your dog likes to play, you can look at finding the right squeaky toy to buy to fit their play needs.


Strong Chewers and Tuggers:

If your dog loves to play ruff, then finding a durable squeaky toy should be your goal. Avoid plush squeaky toys or soft toys with long arms, stuffing, legs, or ears that can be easily ripped off. Here are a few durable squeaky toy options that you can try for your pup:





Knot-N-Chew – Knot Squeaker and Tube Squeaker

The Knot-N-Chew is a fun, durable rope toy made of tightly woven fibers that will stand up to the toughest play sessions. When squeezed or chewed on, this squeaky toy gives a medium-pitched, two-tonal squeak. In addition, the woven fibers can help floss your dog’s teeth while they chew!




If your dog (or you) have a sensitivity to high-pitched squeaky sounds, the FlatHead will be your go-to. Another durable option for a tough-playing pup, the braided nylon bodies of the FlatHead make it a great squeaky alternative to a plush toy. The squeaker in its head is a lower pitch, giving it enough sound to keep your dog entertained without being too loud.



Gentle Snugglers and Tuggers:

Not every dog plays rough, and some playstyles can change over time as our pets get older. Having squeaky toys that are smaller and softer are perfect for dogs who like gentle games of tug-of-war or would prefer the comfort of a softer toy to snuggle with and chew on gently. Here are our gentle squeaky toy recommendations:



 Elephant Tug-A-Mal


Tug-A-Mals are a great option for dogs who are in between strong and gentle chewing and tugging. Their durable rope handle allows you and your pup to play a game of tug-of-war together while the center holds a medium to high-pitched squeaker. Afterwards, their many soft shapes and sizes give your pup the best little snuggle buddy.


 Fat Tails


Fat Tails

If your pup prefers gentle play and tugging, then the Fat Tail will be their new best friend. They feature a high-pitched squeaker that will sound when pulled from both plush sides, as well as a crinkly body to get your pup even more excited! They can enjoy shaking, tossing, and squeaking their Fat Tail and a cuddly dog nap with them afterwards.


No matter what your dog’s playstyle is, there is a squeaky toy out there for them that can satisfy their play time needs. Check out our helpful quiz on our website that will make finding your dog’s new favorite toy that much easier!

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