November 21, 2022 3 min read

If you are looking for a great gift for the cat lover in your life, look no further. Kitty Kasas has everything you need to make their holiday season extra special – for them and their cat!

We've put together a list of our favorite products that are sure to be a hit with anyone who loves cats.

Cat mom or dad?

For the everyday cat owner and cat enthusiast, we'd recommend our Standard Kitty Kasas Bedrooms and Recreations. The Standard Bedroom will give their cat a cozy space to sleep, while the Standard Recreation offers a fun place to play! These are perfect if they want to build out their cat's room with ease and style as they are modular and can be stacked up to 3 Kasas high.

Standard Bedrooms - Our Standard Bedrooms are our most popular Kasa and they come in 4 color options, so it's super easy to find one that fits your space perfectly! They also come with a soft pillow with a removable cover, making them simple to clean. Include our Penthaus with your Standard Bedroom to give their cat the perfectly elevated napping spot.

Standard Recreations – These cat cubes will let their cat unleash their inner hunter with 4 included dangling sisal toys. They’re perfect for the everyday house cats looking for something new and exciting to explore.

Stylish Cat owner?

Is your cat-loving friend or family member a bit more into interior design? Maybe they’re interested in having furniture that is trendy? The Siesta Hanging Cat Bed and Plush Donut Bed will be the perfect addition to their home and their cat will enjoy snuggling up in their new comfy beds.

Siesta Hanging Cat Bed – A hanging, teardrop-shaped cat bed that swings are sure to add a bit of flair to the stylish cat owner’s home and give their cat a new favorite spot to cat nap. It includes a soft, shag pillow that can be removed for cleaning!

Plush Donut Bed – Not only are the Plush Donut Beds super soft, they’re also an extremely cute take on traditional cat beds! Any cat owner who loves keeping up with the latest trends will find this bed will make them and their feline friend happy.


For those cat lovers who prefer their pet’s furniture to fit into their minimalistic lifestyle, we’d recommend our Plush Bolster Bed and Plush Hut Bed.

Plush Bolster Bed – A traditional cat bed with raised sides will make the minimalists cat feel safe and secure while keeping with a more simple, clean look for their home. In addition, they come in 3 different sizes with a neutral color palette.

Plush Hut Bed – The Plush Hut Bed has a triangular shape, giving it just enough style while keeping all the neutral colors. Cats will love being able to burrow inside of it to sleep and your minimalist cat lover friends will love that it blends so seamlessly with their home!

Foster parent?

If the cat lover you’re shopping for is a foster and is looking for a fun solution to spruce up their foster room while being a practical, easy-to-clean solution to regular pet furniture, then our Duro series Kitty Kasas are their perfect gift.

Duro Bedrooms – With no small holes or creases, the Duro Bedrooms are truly the easiest cat beds to clean. They also include a soft pillow with a removeable cover, so washing is seamless between each new set of kitties! They’re all one piece, meaning they’re ready to go right out of the box and can be stacked with our other new Duro series units, Penthaus, and Standard series!

Duro Recreations – We know that enrichment for cats is a must, especially if you have a new litter of foster kitties! The Duro Recreation has a hanging, sisal mouse toy to entertain cats at every stage in life and fun cut-out holes on each side, making them a fun spot for cats to play and explore.

Whatever kind of cat lover you’re shopping for, there is a Kitty Kasas product that is perfect for them and their cats.