May 24, 2022 8 min read

Jolly Pets Outside Active Dog Toys 

By Caitlin of the Sparkles And Sunshine Blog

When I first started riding horses, I saw a horse playing with a Jolly Ball in its stall. I loved watching them play and immediately looked up what a Jolly Ball was when I got home. From there I discovered that Jolly Balls weren't just for horses but for dogs too! As a matter of fact, the Jolly Pets brand actually has a TON of different dog toys made in the USA for every kind of dog out there. 

Jolly Pets' active, outside dog toys are designed for both curious & destructive pups. They have:

  • Dog toys for strong, heavy chewers

  • Chase toys for dogs

  • Mentally stimulating dog toys

Plus so many more! In this post I'll be sharing all of the fun outside dog toys we got from Jolly Pets, which ones were Annie and Diesel's favorites, and the different ways you can play with your dog with these toys!

Caitlin with Diesel and Annie and Jolly Pets toys


Jolly Pets Dog Toys For Heavy, Strong, & Aggressive Chewers

If you have a dog that's destructive with their dog toys like me, you're going to love this first group of tough toys for big dogs! Jolly Pets has all kinds of dog toys for heavy, strong and extreme chewers. What's great about Jolly Pets' aggressive chewer dog toys is that they really hold up. 

For example, all of the toys featured in this post, even if they were to get punctured from your dog's teeth, will still retain their shape!

First up are all of the durable dog toys for aggressive chewers including tug toys for dogs, chase toys for dogs and more. 

P.S. Every toy featured throughout this entire post is either size Large or XL since I have big dogs!


Jolly Pets Romp-N-Roll Tug Toys For Dogs​

Out of every single toy we got, the Jolly Pets Romp-N-Roll tug toy for dogs was by far the favorite for both Diesel and Annie! It actually shocked me that Annie liked it so much since she's not really into tug of war dog toys because Diesel always takes them away from her when they play. She's all about the chase (which I'll share more about those kinds of toys later in this post). 

The Jolly Pets Romp-N-Roll is essentially a ball on a rope dog toy, but what I like about this tug toy for dogs compared to others is how long the rope on the toy actually is. Diesel always cheats and tries to take as much of the toy as possible so he can win our games of tug of war. But with this toy, I have an equal playing field and actually stand a chance, ha!

This tug toy for dogs also has some cool features like:

  • Scented

    • Light blue smells like blueberries

    • Green smells like green apple

    • Orange smells like vanilla

  • Floats

    • Fun Fact: many Jolly Pets dog toys can float!

  • Comes in 3 sizes

    • Small: 0-20 lb. dogs

    • Medium: 20-60 lb. dogs

    • Large 60 lb.+ dogs (we have this size!)

Note: With any rope dog toy, always keep an eye on your dog while they play and never leave them unattended with it. It's not safe for your dog to digest any toy, especially rope pieces! 

Also, most of Jolly Pets dog toys come in multiple size so every dog can enjoy!

Jolly Pets Blueberry Romp-N-Roll

Diesel Annie and Caitlin Playing with a Romp-N-RollAnnie and Diesel Playing Tug-Of-War With The Romp-N-RollDiesel Playing With The Romp-N-Roll


Jolly Pets Jolly Egg Dog Toy

The second outside dog toy from Jolly Pets is the famous Jolly Egg dog toy! The Jolly Egg dog toy is an active dog toy, designed to move in every direction possible. Since this toy is constantly moving, it is the perfect outdoor dog toy to keep them busy. Plus, this is a super durable dog toy for aggressive chewers; I truly don't think it can be punctured! 

This was a toy that I thought Annie was going to lose her mind over, but when I put it down she looked at me like, well, what do I do with this?! It honestly made me laugh. I recruited my mom's Labrador Remi to show her how it was done and then she was like oh, that's what you do! Diesel on the other hand immediately was like, oh my gosh can I pick it up with my big mouth? He definitely tried his hardest, ha, but settled for just pushing it around. We joke that his name should've been "Dozer" since he bulldozes everything. He had a blast pushing it around!

Jolly Pets Red Jolly Egg

Annie Playing With The Jolly Egg

Annie And Caitlin Playing With The Jolly EggDiesel Trying To Bite The Jolly Egg


Jolly Pets Bounce-N-Play Active Rolling Ball For Dogs

The super close second favorite dog toy right behind the Jolly Pets Romp-N-Roll is the Jolly Pets Bounce-N-Play! This toy was loved by Diesel, Annie and Remi. What's cool about this large Jolly Pets ball for dogs is that it can bounce, float & it's scented (light blue smells like blueberries, pink smells like bubblegum and orange smells like vanilla)! When the pups were playing with this, every time one of them put this toy down to get a new toy, the Bounce-N-Play was immediately picked up by one of the others. They couldn't get enough of it!

This Jolly Ball dog toy is made of their JollyFlex material, which means even if they poke a hole in it, it will still keep it's shape! In other words, it's a great ball for dogs that chew! Diesel and Remi loved the fact that they could pick it up and carry it all over the yard. They just looked so proud of themselves, it was adorable! 

Note: While you don't have to watch them as closely with this toy, keep an eye every now and then because sometimes it can get stuck on their teeth and they need just a quick second of paw-rental assistance, ha!

Jolly Pets Bubblegum Bounce-N-Play

Caitlin Throwing The Bubblegum Bounce-N-Play In The Air For Diesel

Diesel Carrying The Bubblegum Bounce-N-Play In His Mouth While Annie Follows BehindDiesel Happily Holding The Bubblegum Bounce-N-Play In His Mouth


Jolly Pets Mentally Stimulating Dog Toys

The next group of Jolly Pets dog toys we got are mentally stimulating dog toys! Not only are Jolly Pets dog toys designed for strong, heavy chewers, they're also great toys for active dogs who love to solve puzzles and play with other mind stimulating dog toys.

I'll share these Jolly Pets toys and how they can double as nose work toys for dogs/create scent training games for dogs, plus keep your dog busy!


Jolly Pets Teaser Ball Mind Stimulating Dog Toy

The first Jolly Pets mind stimulating dog toy is the Jolly Pets Teaser Ball! This is probably third in line in terms of favorites that we received. This specific Jolly Ball dog toy is extra cool because it's a ball within a ball. The larger ball is made of a super durable material just like the Jolly Egg dog toy and inside is a smaller ball that your dog will go crazy trying to get out.

Don't worry though, they can't actually get it out! Not only did my dogs love pushing it around, fascinated by the smaller ball, they also loved that they could grip the ball through the larger holes and run all over the yard with it. 

Pro Tip: One way to make this more challenging and make this brain stimulating dog toy last for even longer is to add a tasty treat to the inner ball, like dog safe peanut butter. This will make them push the ball everywhere in hopes that they'll get every last bit of their favorite snack!

Caitlin Holding The Purple Teaser Ball In Her Hands While Annie Sniffs It

Remi Running With The Purple Teaser Ball In Her Mouth While Annie Chases After HerDiesel Walking And Carrying The Purple Teaser Ball In His Mouth


Jolly Pets Tuff Tosser

The next Jolly Pets dog stimulation toy is the Jolly Tuff Tosser. This is the perfect ball for dogs that chew! This dog treat chew ball is made of a "tuff" blend of rubber, which has held up really well to Diesel. The Jolly Pets Jolly Tuff Tosser also has special ridges on the sides, which can help clean your dogs teeth at home. 

Neither of my dogs are that big into the game of fetch, so even though this toy is also designed for that, we mainly use it as a treat dispensing dog stimulation toy or nose work toy for dogs, which I'll share a easy scent game for dogs after the next toy since it works with both!

Annie Sniffing The Jolly Tuff Tosser Ball

Caitlin Holding The Jolly Tuff Tosser Ball With The Logo OutCaitlin Holding The Jolly Tuff Tosser Ball With The Treat Side Out, Filled With Peanut Butter


Jolly Pets Bobble

The last mentally stimulating dog toy that we got from Jolly Pets is the Jolly Bobble dog toy! Similar to the Jolly Tuff Tosser, the Jolly Bobble dog toy is made of an ultra-tough material and has ridges to help massage your dog's gums as they chew. What's different though, is that even though it's made of a super durable material, it's also flexible and able to move and bend as your dog chews it, while always returning to the same initial shape!

This dog stimulation toy works best with stick shaped treats as they can slide right through. I personally like to coat the inside with either peanut butter or plain Greek yogurt and then add a thinker stick from Plato Pet Treats or a bully stick (with supervision!). 


Easy Nose Work Game For Dogs​

An easy first nose work game for dogs is the Shell Game/Magic Trick scent game. Below are the 5 steps for playing this nose work game for dogs with your pup:

  1. Grab your Jolly Tuff Tosser or Jolly Bobble dog toy and fill it with tasty treats (peanut butter, plain Greek yogurt with treats/berries, etc.)

  2. Grab three cups

    • Make sure to grab a cup that will fit over the toy you've selected. For larger toy sizes, you can use big plastic cups or even flower pots! If you're a plant lady like me, you probably have some, ha!
    1. Grab one cup and put the treat under it while your dog is watching. When they paw or put their nose, reward them and give them the treat. Repeat a few times and let your dog get the hang of it. 

    2. Add in a second cup and put nothing under it. Show your dog that you are still only putting the treat under one cup and leaving the empty one next to it. When they paw or sniff the cup with the treat under it, raise the cup and let them enjoy the treat!

    3. As they start to get the hang of it, start adding in more cups and eventually start moving them around so your dog starts to learn to find the treat solely by their nose!

    Caitlin Holding The Jolly Bobble With The Logo Facing Out

    Caitlin Holding The Jolly Bobble With The Treat Side Facing OutAnnie Playing With The Jolly Bobble


    Chase Toys For Dogs: Jolly Pets Fat Tails

    The last, but certainly not least Jolly Pets dog toy is the Jolly Pets Fat Tail! This was by far Annie's favorite toy. She loves anything that squeaks and even though this toy is designed for tug of war (it squeaks when both ends are pulled simultaneously), it's also the perfect chase toy for dogs! It comes in 9 different characters; the elephant is featured here. 

    To turn this into a fun chase toy for dogs, grab a long stick or pole and tie the Fat Tails dog toy's arms around the stick. I had an extra garden stake from my vegetable garden and used that! Run around with the toy attached and encourage your dog to follow and chase you. 

    Annie lost her mind when we did this. She had an absolute blast! 10/10 recommend doing this with your pup!

    Caitlin Playing With Annie Using A Pole To Hold The Elephant Fat Tail


    Caitlin Playing With Annie By Using The Pole With The Elephant Fat Tail To Chase Annie Jumping Up To Get The Elephant Fat Tail

    Annie Laying Down With The Elephant Fat Tail Under Her Chin

    Are you a fan of Jolly Pets dog toys now too?! I hope so! Since I have two different dogs, one that loves dog toys for tough, strong chewers and one that loves mentally stimulating dog toys, Jolly Pets has been so great because they really have something for all dogs! Every time we visit my parents house, we always bring a few of these outside dog toys and all of the pups always get excited!