February 07, 2023 3 min read

Dogs are man’s best friend. Since humans domesticated dogs, they have become our loyal companions, our snuggle buddies, and our loving friends. Humans show their canine companions love by taking care of them, feeding them, and giving them affection. But do our dogs show us love back? Of course, they do! They might just have a different way of showing it.


1. Stealing Your Clothes

Have you ever wondered why your dog keeps stealing your shoes or socks? It may seem like your shoe is your dog’s favorite chew toy. Which is probably very inconvenient when you need to wear your shoes. This trait of stealing shoes and used socks may seem weird (or even gross), but it is a way your dog is showing their love for you. If your dog gets attached to your scent, they may seek out objects that carry a strong scent of you. Shoes and dirty clothes will hold a strong scent of you and your dog may seek them out for comfort if they miss you. While chewing on your shoes and clothes is not a habit you want to encourage, it is important to remember the reason behind it is your dog wants to be near your scent.


2. Physical Contact

When people want to show affection to one another, they often use physical contact, like hugs, to show their love. Dogs are no different! Dogs love affection and love to give and receive it with the humans they love. Pawing at you, nose-nudging, and following you around are all ways dogs may ask for affection. Dogs will cuddle with you by sitting on your lap or snuggle up with you for an afternoon nap. Rolling over to show their bellies is a way of showing trust and vulnerability, while also asking for belly rubs. Leaning on you is another big way dogs show their trust and love through physical contact. When a dog leans on you, they are showing you they trust you to hold them up. Make sure to give your dogs lots of affection, especially when they ask for it, to grow your relationship and show you love them too.


3. Sleeping Near You

It’s bedtime. You are getting into bed for a good night’s sleep and… whoomph! Your dog has jumped up on your bed to join you! Some people don’t mind sharing their bed with their dog, some people do and wish their dog would sleep in their own bed. Whatever your personal preference, you should know the reasoning behind your dog wanting to sleep with you is love! Dogs are descended form wolves, a pack animal, and they still hold this trait even when domesticated. Your dog wants to sleep near you because they see you as part of the pack. They find safety and comfort in being near you while they sleep.


4. Bringing You Toys

Gift giving is a love language many people speak. People love giving presents as a show of affection. Dogs also speak the language of gift giving, in their own unique way. When your dog brings you their favorite toys, they are speaking their love language. They are sharing their favorite things with you because they like you! They may want to play with you by bringing you a toy. Sometimes when a dog senses you’re sad, they may bring you toys to cheer you up. If one of their toys is broken, they may bring it to you because they trust you to fix it.


5. Excited To See You

You walk through your door after a day at work and are greeted by your dog jumping and wagging their tail, clearly excited to see you. Dogs welcoming you home are one of the easiest ways to see your dog’s love for you. When your dog sees you again after time spent apart, they will often become ecstatic to see their favorite human again. Important to note: Do not feel discouraged if your dog remains calm when you are leaving. Your dog acting like they don’t care when you leave is not a sign that they won’t miss you. It’s a sign that your relationship is strong and they trust you will come home.


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