December 18, 2023 4 min read

The holiday season is a festive time for everyone. There’s lots of decorating, food making, and parties. While you may be busy focusing on getting ready for the holidays, it’s important to remember your pets. You want to make sure they are safe during this season and do not get into anything that could cause them harm. We’ve compiled a list of safety tips to keep in mind this holiday season to keep you and your pet safe and happy.


1. Christmas Tree Safety

Christmas trees are a very popular decoration during the holiday season, but they can also be a hazard when you have curious pets. Some cats might enjoy chewing on the needles of a tree, and whether your tree is real or artificial, this can be dangerous if your cat swallows the needles. If you have a live tree you need to keep your cat from drinking the water. The water from the tree may contain chemicals that can harm your cat if they drink it. Your cat might also try to climb your tree. This could cause it to fall over and hurt your cat and your house. Make sure to secure your tree so it will not fall over if your cat tries to climb it. Ornaments on trees may also be enticing to a cat who sees them as toys. Tinsel, small felt creatures, and shiny round ornaments may all seem like fun toys to your cat. However, if your cat swallows pieces of a broken ornament or tinsel, this can cause serious health problems in your cat. Be sure to keep fragile ornaments out of reach of your cat. If your cat is especially interested in your tree, monitor them when they are near the tree. If you are worried about your cat playing with the tree when you are gone, consider keeping the tree in a secure room your cat cannot get into when you are away.


2. Avoid Poisonous Plants

Some popular holiday plants can be toxic if ingested by your cat. Poinsettias, holly, mistletoe, and lilies can all be poisonous if your cat were to nibble on them. While some holiday plants might only mildly irritate your cat, others can be fatal. It’s best to avoid bringing all potentially toxic plants into your home. You can get artificial versions of the plants to get the same holiday look without the danger.


3. No Cats in the Kitchen

Holiday food is a favorite part of the holiday celebrations, but the food should be kept on your plate and not in your cat’s bowl. While preparing your feast keep your cat away from the cooking area. Cats wandering around your kitchen may result in burns or other injuries. Don’t let your cats eat leftovers from your plate. Many foods you enjoy are toxic to cats. Lots of sweets or fatty foods can cause health problems in your cat. Do not give your cat bones because they can splinter, resulting in your cat choking on them or causing lethal harm when ingested. If you want to give your cat a treat during the holidays, it’s best to give them their own cat treats instead of human food.


4. Candle and Light Safety

Candles and lights can bring a warm winter glow to your home. However, they can also become a hazard if you have a curious cat wandering around. If your cat knocks over a candle, they could spill wax or start a fire. They could also burn themselves if they investigate the candle too closely. Keep candles out of reach of your cats and make sure they are put out whenever you leave. Use battery powered or fake candles as a safer alternative. Holiday lights with long cords could also be a problem if your cat sees them as a string to play with. If your cat chews through the cords it could result in a severe burn or an electrical shock that could seriously hurt them. Keep cords out of reach of your cat if you notice they like to chew on them.


5. Parties and Crowds

The holiday season is a time of hosting and attending parties. While some pets may enjoy meeting new people and being around the holiday crowds, many will not. It’s important to give them space to be comfortable if they get nervous or overwhelmed. You can let your cat stay in a closed off room with their water, food, toys, and litter box. Let your guests know not to go into that room. This will let your cat avoid stressful crowds. If you want to let your cat roam the party, inform your guests of your house pet. Be sure to watch the exits as people go in and out to make sure your cat does not escape. Clear food throughout the party and put it in a secure trash can so your cat does not eat any food they shouldn’t be eating.


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