May 22, 2019 4 min read

When we first consider getting a new dog, most of us are just looking for a furry companion to make our everyday lives brighter and more enjoyable. Over time, they become a permanent fixture in ourfamily. We bathe them, feed them, teach them tricks, and treat them as one of our own.

Our dogs may not fully understand us and give back everything we’ve done for them, but if you really look at it, what they return is something much better. They teach us some of the best lessons in life.

The Value of Loyalty

Dogs are one of the most loyal animals in the world. There are a lot of videos on the internet that can testify to this. Dogs never leave their owners, even if they’ve abandoned them on the side of the road or have already passed away.

Nowadays, this same trait is getting harder to see in us humans. Friends and family alike turn against each other. Maybe it’s time to take pointers from our pets to start bringing back this important virtue in every relationship that we have.

Have Time to Play

We’ve become slaves to a routine in our everyday lives – eat, work, sleep, repeat.

Our pets, no matter how old they get, never forget to play and enjoy the sun. In fact, the simplest things make them happy.

Run around the park, play a game of fetch, and keep moving. It can clear your mind and refresh your soul.

There’s nothing wrong with going back to being a child from time to time. Remember, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


Our Fidos don’t care whether they’re small or big, long or short, furry or not. They’re perfectly content about who and what they are.

At the end of the day, they’re all just dogs. Unlike them, we are so busy comparing ourselves to other people that we forget to start appreciating what we have.

We struggle to accept what we are because we keep on looking at the things we lack. Don’t stress out.

Just like dogs, every one of us is unique. Learn to love and accept every aspect of yourself.

Do Not Dwell in the Past

When dogs get in trouble, they might show a bit of remorse and guilt after we scold them. Some just let out their big puppy eyes and then they’re back to playing again. They never stay on the negative side.

Like them, learn to take things in a stride. It’s okay to look back on your past mistakes so you can learn from them, but never stay there.

Stop worrying about things in the past, as they've already been done. Instead, keep your head up and continue the hustle.

Live in the Moment

Our pups live day by day. You don’t see them stress about the future, although  sometimes, they might think of silly things like “what treats am I going to get for dinner?”

This doesn’t mean that you should just wing it every day. Instead, take one step at a time and stop worrying too much of what the future might bring.

Live now and don’t let the troubles of the future keep you from enjoying and appreciating the present.

Learn to Listen

Notice how your pet’s little ears perk up every time they hear a random noise or when you’re calling them? Animals are almost always aware of the things and sounds around them, and they respond to them accordingly.

It must be our nature to always talk and to respond so that other people can hear us without regarding what other people have to say. In short, we forget to listen because we’re always thinking of what to say next.

Dogs teach us to slow down and listen first before doing anything. We don’t need to have a dog-like hearing to be able to truly listen.

Be Active

Dogs are always on the move. Whether it’s just running around the house or doing some silly dog things, they are always moving.

If you’re feeling a little idle, why don’t you try to match your pet’s wavelength and do something physical?

Being active has a lot of benefits to our body. Aside from being healthy, constant movement and exercise makes us happier as our brains pump endorphins.

No wonder why our dogs are all smiles after a long run.

Choose Happiness

Just like our dogs, we must learn to enjoy the little things in life. A little bone or just simply seeing their owners is enough to make a dog happy.

Happiness doesn’t always need to come from a grand gesture. Appreciate the simple things around you, the smiles of your loved ones or even just the fact that you’re healthy and eating three meals a day.

Forgive and Forget

These loveable furballs never hold grudges. Although they might not understand when we accidentally step on their tails or when we reprimand them, dogs just accept it and move on.

People are different, though. It’s harder for us to forgive and forget, but once we learn to let go of any emotional baggage as our dogs do, our lives will be significantly lighter.

Love to the Fullest

One of the most selfless loves in the world is the love that a pet has for their humans – not only dogs but cats too. Every pet out there has unconditional love for their owners.

They don’t care about who you are or what you’ve done; they will still love you and all your flaws. This is also the kind of love that the world needs right now. It’s time to look past the surface and just love to the fullest.